My Current Blogging Goals

I’ve been a blogger for about twelve years now. My first site back in 2002 was a collaborative thing that an ex-boyfriend had set up for us to write. I didn’t write a lot of personal posts, but a few of them were about living in Toronto before I met my husband. I brought all of those posts over here, tagged ’em “Rabidmonkey” (the name of our collaborative blog) and let them sit. Once in awhile I read them because I like to see how I’ve changed, what I’ve learned since then and how much blogging has changed since then.

Now I’m more seasoned, I’ve met a ton of other bloggers and writers and done a bit of traveling thanks to these blogging gigs, and now I’m starting to treat my other site, Hearts into Home, as more of a business.

There are a number of things I want to focus some attention on this year so I can continue to treat my site as a business and hopefully earn some income from it, too.

1. Photoshop. I would like to devote a few hours each week to learning how to use Photoshop effectively to enhance the images I use on my site.
2. Pinterest. A lot of the articles and posts I put up at Hearts into Home are useful to other moms, including parenting tips, recipes, and other instructional topics. I’d like to learn to use Pinterest more effectively to bring more readers to my blog.
3. Engagement. I did a little talk at my networking group last week about using social media for small business and one of the things I said was that if you aren’t going to engage your audience, what’s the point of doing social media at all? This is also true for bloggers. So if someone comments on my site, I’ll be sure to reply. I also want to get back to commenting on other blogs, as well.
4. Networking. I want to travel again! My family and I are going to be attending a family retreat called “Family Forward” at Universal Studios later this summer with 99 other social media influencers and their families. I can’t wait! It’ll be really great to take Nate to see Florida and the theme parks, but I also love meeting other bloggers and I’m looking forward to immersing myself in a new community of family-oriented bloggers and giving Graham the chance to see why I love this so much.