Friday Flashback: Not so prom.

Friday Flashback: Not so prom.

In the movies, proms are a great big deal. Kids rent limos, go on the ex-lax diet and fret over whether or not that night will be “The Night.”

Our high school didn’t even call it “The Prom.” At our school, prom was “Grad Ball.” And I hadn’t even planned to go.

Although I did buy a fabulous black dress and got my hair cut, there was no limousine. There was no dieting and there was no sex. At least, not that night (the opportunity for prom night to be my first time had flown the coop three years before that).

Click to see the larger prom grad ball dress awesomeness. I’m third from the left and very proud to have been in the minority knee-length dress category.

I had made friends with a girl at my school that year because she and I were both dating guys that went to the same university in London (the same university I ended up going to the next year). We bonded over this shared experience and drove up to visit our guys together a couple of times. Our friendship, however, was not to be long term. I remember that Kim had said, in response to the episode of Friends in which Carol & Susan got married that she didn’t agree with a line in the episode, the line spoken by the minister who said that God is happy when any two people come together in love. It just wasn’t to be…I believed in equal rights for all back then, and just couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that some people thought gay people shouldn’t get married. But I digress…

This girl was friendly enough to invite me to come to grad ball with her and a few other girls from school. Now, I’m sure you can imagine how tricky it is to join in with a group of girls who have been close friends all through high school. It’s tough. They were friendly enough, but I was an outsider in that little social group.

The two girls on the left are wondering what the hell I’m doing there with them. I’m wondering the same thing.

I didn’t subscribe to the popularity contests during high school, and I sure wasn’t impressed by the official announcements of the winners of these popularity contests, like King and Queen of the Catwalk, a hallway at school that was always crawling with “the popular kids” who were now being rewarded for their popularity. LIKE, OMG.

So I went to grad ball, stayed for supper, said hi to some people, and was home, in bed by 11:00. TALK ABOUT YOUR HIGH SCHOOL GLAMOUR.

In my mind I was already out of there, couldn’t wait to just get to university already, and basically just went because I didn’t want to regret not going.

On the plus side, I still fit into that dress. Sometimes.

I wrote this post in response to Catherine and Tracey’s writing prompt: “Prom (or not Prom) memories: What did you do (or not do) Prom night?”

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  1. Yeah…didn’t ever go to prom…wasn’t my scene. LOL. I was probably hanging out with some Torpitt people or wait a minute, I think I was already in college.

    I don’t remember you ever hanging out with those girls…lol, I was surprised to see you in that pic, you do look gorgeous though…you haven’t changed at all…bitch!

    Kolleen Brunton’s last blog post..Bachelorette Weekend

  2. You had way more style than I did, darling. Love the dress. I was some misguided combination of Laura Ingalls Wilder and Laura Ashley, I’m sorry to report. Coincidentally? Can’t find a picture.

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