Extreme organization.

You’re going to either love me or hate me for this post.

Graham got me a label maker for Christmas this year.  Yes, it was on my Christmas wish list.  I write a lot of messy looking labels in the home office and well, I’m an office supplies nerd so I was really happy to receive it on Christmas morning.

On one of my days off last week I started to clean out my pantry, which had been reduced over the last year to a jumbly pile of zip-lock baggies filled with various herbs and spices, some from the garden, some from the Bulk Barn.  I could no longer tell what the heck was in there and I’m pretty sure there were still some jars and containers of ingredients that Graham owned when I first met him, FOUR years ago.  Lordie.

As I was pitching baggies into the garbage, it dawned on me.  “I can use my label maker!”

A couple of hours later, I was even a little disgusted with myself.  And this.

I can actually see what’s in there and find what I need for cooking.  I love it.  And I realize it may make me slightly insane.  I’m okay with that.

Lots of bloggers I know are participating in some cool bloggy projects this year, like Whoorl and Schmutzie, who are doing Grace in Small Things, or Casey at Moosh in Indy who’s doing Project 365.  I would have liked to do Project 365, a daily photograph challenge, but I left my camera at my friend’s house on New Year’s Eve and missed out on the first five days or so of the year.  Instead, I’m going to do Org Junkie’s Monthly Organizing Round-up.  January’s challenge will be to organize the filing cabinet, for example.  Our house is in pretty decent shape but there are definitely some organizational projects I’d like to tackle this year, and I’m hoping that having a group of bloggers to support me will be inspirational.

Also, my menu plan for the week of January 5 is up at For the Love of Leftovers.

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