24 weeks pregnant: The hell that is the baby registry.

Now that we know we are expecting a baby boy, there has been a bit of talk in the family about throwing us a baby shower. I’m alright with the concept of showers for a few reasons.

1. They’re fun to go to and ogle the teeny, tiny baby things, especially if the mom-to-be is someone you love. I’ve hosted showers for expectant friends before and it’s really a lot of fun and it feels wonderful to support them.
2. CAKE.
3. The baby is going to need a lot of stuff, and while we’ve been picking up lots of little onesies and t-shirts and little shoes and slippers at consignment stores and yard sales, there is more to get than we can manage on our own right now. A little help is appreciated.
4. Hello, First Time Mom here. I don’t know everything. In fact, I know almost nothing when it comes to this baby business. Having a shower means I get to tap into the resources of other moms.
5. Did I mention cake?

I went online to look at a few baby registries and thought that Amy‘s Weekly Pregnancy Calendar over at Alpha Mom would be a good place to start, since she wrote a good deal there about what to buy now and what can wait until later. (Amy also gave me some good baby advice in Chicago, which was not at all assvice, and which I appreciated immensely.)

The first item I checked out was baby bottles. There are nine thousand brands, shapes, styles, materials, nipple sizes, etc. to choose from. I sighed, and decided to put bottles on the shelf and move onto the next item: breast pads. There were only a few listed on this particular website and I didn’t recognize any of them as the kind that Katie recommended while we were looking at baby stuff at Target somewhere in the middle of Michigan last week. Moving on to bibs. Yes! Cute bibs! For boys! A 10-pack! At a reasonable price! DONE. I can cross one item off the “baby needs” list.

Why is this all so baffling? How am I supposed to know which bottles the baby will like to use? How am I supposed to know what kind of breast pump will work for me? And why the hell doesn’t Shopper’s Drug Mart have a baby registry? There is a ton of stuff we’ll need to buy there.

So, I’m putting the word out. I need your help, readers. I need your product recommendations, pronto. Help a First Time Mom out, would you? Tell me what items you consider must-haves, what items I should just skip and what items are just nice-to-haves.

Most women see a first-time-mom browsing the aisles of the baby stores and leap at the chance to tell her why she should or shouldn’t buy something…so pretend we’re at Babies ‘R Us, okay? And pounce. I’m giving you the go-ahead.

Trying on maternity jeans.

(Just in case you need a blurry belly shot for inspiration.)

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