Milestones across the miles.

Milestones across the miles.

On Sunday afternoon I gave my mom a call. She is still living in Alberta, so I try to call her when Nate is in a playful mood so that she can hear his expanding vocabulary. For the last week or so he has been making a new noise…it sounds sort of like “coo” but with more gurgling thrown in for good measure. If he discovered that his voice can be loud last month, it seems like he’s discovered that it can be soft, too. The little “aghoooos” and “cooooos” are soft, almost like a whisper. It’s pretty cute.

While I was talking to my mom and telling her about Nate’s newest developments, he started sticking his feet up in the air before rolling onto his side. He’d teeter there, almost making it all the way over onto his tummy. I narrated what he was doing over the phone while my mom encouraged her grandson from halfway across the country.

After the fourth or fifth try I could see that Nate was making progress. He was going to do it! I held my breath.

“There he goes….HE JUST DID IT!” I told my mom.

“Good boy!” she nearly shouted. She was so excited that she was on the phone for one of his firsts.

Even though she isn’t always here in person, I was really happy that she got to experience a milestone along with us.

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