Slow Down

Slow Down

This morning at school I popped into the office to see if there was anything in my inbox. There rarely is, so I only check it about once a week.

This morning, however, a printout of my teaching schedule for next semester was waiting there for me. It looks like this:

Wednesdays, 8:10 to 10:00 am and 2:10 to 4:00 pm

That’s it.

The remaining days of the week I will be continuing to facilitate two online courses in Communications.

I’ll be teaching two sections of a course called Social Media & Society, each of which has an accompanying online/hybrid hour, which I’m very happy about because as a blogger and active participant in the world of social media, this is a topic that I’m engaged with and enjoy teaching.

Due to the labour rules that the college has in place (full-time professors are union members), I have now taught too many hours each semester for too many semesters in a row to be able to teach more than 6 hours a week for the next 18 months. Hard to follow, isn’t it? I know.

In any case, it looks like things are finally going to slow down a bit for me professionally, and I’m happy to embrace that slowing down for awhile. I feel like I’ve been flying by the seat of my pants for the last year or so, without much time at all to pursue the things I love in the daylight hours, like taking care of our home, cooking healthy and delicious food for my family, reading and writing.

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