From online dating profile to wedding vows.

From online dating profile to wedding vows.

Two pieces of evidence in my romantic life.

1. My Lavalife online dating profile from back in August, 2004:

“Hi there…I’m 27 and live in the downtown area, but I didn’t always live in Toronto (I grew up in Oshawa and went to university in London).

I work in the publishing industry and right now I’m really enjoying my job, mostly because I’m challenged with several projects on the go at once.

The weather this summer has left something to be desired, but I’ve still managed to enjoy the outdoors to some degree. I have a pretty nice garden, considering I rent, and I spend as much time outside as I can. I promised myself I would learn to rollerblade this summer but so far I haven’t managed to accomplish that goal…(how many weeks of summer are left?!)

I enjoy sitting in the coffee shop down the street with a latte and a good book, going for walks around my neighbourhood and watching movies (Woody Allen flicks are my favourite). I prefer pubs to clubs. I hope to take a little trip in the fall, maybe to the west coast, when things at work slow down.

I’m hoping to meet someone ideally between the ages of 25 and 33(ish) who also lives independently in Toronto, is not married to his career, and who would like to get to know one another casually. (Creative types are especially welcome.) I don’t have Java installed on this computer yet (no administrative permissions, either) so I can’t reply to your IMs unless I’m at work (and I rarely visit LL from work). Send me a smile and if I think we might be compatible I’ll send one back!

Good luck in your search.”

2. My wedding vows, from July, 2006:

“I’ve never considered myself the kind of woman who would look for or find “the man of her dreams”. But now I realize that’s because I never dreamed I’d find someone like you to be my partner. Every day I am amazed at how readily you brought me completely into your life in every possible way. I see how generous you are, how affectionate and kind and considerate you are, and I love how we never go to sleep without sharing a kiss good night. I will be so proud to call you my husband.

I promise to continue our relationship in this same spirit of caring and generosity and togetherness.

I promise to work with you toward our mutual goals, while remembering to take time out for fun and relaxation when we need it.

I promise not to hold you responsible for my personal happiness, but I also promise to share my happiness with you.

Thank you for answering that electronic smile all those months ago online and for taking a chance on a girl who lived in Toronto.”

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