Not yet in Chicago.

Not yet in Chicago.

As I write this I’m laying on a cheap motel bed in the City of Kalamazoo, drinkin’ a Strongbow and watching bad tv.

At the liquor store I was asked for ID. I love Kalamazoo.

Today we crossed the border in Sarnia where we were asked if we had any meat. Said we were going to an “internet publishing conference” so as not to have to explain what blogging is all about.

In Flint I asked a bookstore employee if they sold maps, to which she replied, “No…no, I have a vacuum but not a mop.” I guess my Canadian accent threw her for a loop. Flint was very interesting. I took some photos, but I think I’ll save them for another post another day. There was a moment I felt as though we just…shouldn’t be there. It was a bit surreal. I’m still digesting the experience.

On the way here it rained really hard so we went into Battle Creek to find coffee, a task which proved a little more difficult than we anticipated. For our trouble we were rewarded with good coffee and felt immediately refreshed after all that time in the car.

Here in Kalamazoo there was a hotel room change because the place smelled like pee.

Tomorrow: Two more states: Indiana and Illinois.

VH1 really is a train wreck, isn’t it? Can’t. Look. Away.

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